Try with us

This class is specifically designed for the beginning windsurfer.
The step by step system of land simulation followed by water practice will allow a beginner to learn quickly.

Your confidence will soar as you are windsurfing in your very first lesson
We guarantee it!


With expert instruction, stable boards and light weight sails we emphasize balance and technique rather than strength.

Add the fact that you are in warm, shallow water and learning to windsurf couldn’t be easier!

In few hours you will learn the basics of windsurfing: pulling the sail out of the water, turning around, steering and sailing across the wind, upwind and downwind.


Lessons   1 Lesson (2h)      Beginner Course 3x2 h     Intermediate Lessons (6h)  
 70 €  180€

 200 €

GROUP – Minimum of 2 persons and maximun of 4.
Prices per person and includes board, wetsuit,  responsabillity and accident insurance.
IVA Include

  Rentals     2 Hours     6 Hours     10H After Course (Just Our Students)  
  40 €  100 € 100 €

Prices per person and includes board and rig.
Deposit required.
IVA Include